Saturday, December 18, 2010

Waka Flocka Armed and Dangerous??????

Waka flocka flame is a new Rapper well known in Atlanta Ga. He is affiliated with rapper Gucci Mane. His new big hit "No Hands" Keeps the clubs jumpin and the asses shakin in strip clubs. Well according to TMZ, Mediatakeout and a few sources I have Waka's house was raided Thursday night here in Atlant ga. My sources tell me that the feds are suspicious of Waka. He's being investigated for prostitution, drugs, gang affiliated things ect ect. According to Tmz Gucci Mane was at the house at the time and got cuffed but was later released. Waka is wanted in Clayton and Henry county Ga.And if your from Atl or know anything about Atl those are the 2 counties you do not want to be locked up in. Especially not wanted in them!!!!Waka is reported to be armed and Dangerous lol!!!!Hmmmm I dunno about that one but hey he does have a song called Hard in the paint and he does sound quite angry!!!I do have a source that tells me he's not all there in the head so ummm yep maybe you guys should Lock up your wives, kids, guns, and knives because Waka is on the loose lol!!!I honestly don't know what to say on this topic. All I can do is rely on my source!!! But in my honest opinion if all of this is true it is a damn shame. I respect artist like Jay Z, 50 cent and Diddy. Why??? Because they never have gotten caught up doing stupid shit. Im sure they have done some dumb shit but you never hear about it. They are business men who are about their paper. To me thats a positive ass influence on the kids listening to this music and seeing their favorite rappers get locked up for dumb shit TI included. Waka Flocka, TI, and Gucci need to get on Jay Z's level. Really go make a brand of yourself. Don't brand yourself by being what all the people in America expect black me to be in Jail!! Make money, do good business. Stop getting caught in the system, because all you are doing is wasting your life on petty dumb shit!!!You work to become artist and make these albums but then you fuck up your hard work by going to jail??? I mean really lets look at TI. Had a great new movie comming out, new album, new wife, just got out of prison just to go back for what??Tryin to leave a freakin road block in LA!!!I just don't get it!Waka prostitutes really???Prostitutes Waka?? You couldn't make that much money off ur wack ass album you had to go sell prostitutes?? I just don't get it!! We have to do better people or we are looking at a fucked up future for us!!REAL SHIT!!!!!!

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