Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Celebrity New Hiv Ad!!! Is it Contridicting????


HIV is the number one killing disease in the world besides cancer. It is killing thousands and thousands of people each day.So to get some awareness out there Celebrities team up to do a Keep a child alive campaign where they are lying dead in a casket. Creepy, but a great way to get the point across!!!The ads include, Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, Swiss Beats, Usher and many more.
Now lets get down to the contradictions of this. I honestly feel it is great to give awareness to such a horrible disease such as HIV.I know that no one better to do it is celebrities why? Because thats who people would look up to and thats who people listen to. But why not get people who are suffering from aids for some campaigns. They are going through the situation so I feel they would know a little bit more about it and can make the point come across a little bit better. I don't understand why they choose some rappers and even actors or actresses to do PSAs on this subject when most of them rap, do movies and sing about sex. I honestly don't think a rapper or singer who only sings about or raps about sex. Without even saying one word about a condom. Little kids/teens/adults are listening to this stuff. Same goes for an actress. I just dont get it. If you want to promote HIV and what it can do to you then you should be able to promote not having sex.
I want to touch an a few celebs who just seem so contradicting to me on this subject. Kim Kardashian now Kim how are you really doing a ad on HIV awareness??? You became famous off of having a sex tape with Ray J??? May I add unprotectedly. Then you come out to do a photoshoot about HIV? Was this another photoshoot to you or are you really trying to help?Alicia and Swizzy. I love the both of you guys great couple!!!But how were you guys promoting safe sex and HIV awareness when Swizz cheated on his wife with Alicia and obviously got her pregnant. That wasn't safe sex. You could've contracted HIV and gave it to Alicia or you wife!!!Once again I just dont get it!!!
I appreciate the effort these celebs put in to promote HIV awarness,but dnt be that celeb that is just straight up nasty. Then come and try to tell me about safe sex and HIV!!!!Get the f*ck out of here because I really wouldnt want to hear the sh*t. So how do you think the rest of America feels about it!! If you have a comment dont be afraid to leave one!!!!!

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