Thursday, December 2, 2010

Did Drake Smash Waynes girl while he was doing time????


According to mediatakeout.com Last month Lil Wayne walked up to Drake after a concert and just cold cocked him in the face. Mediatakeout didn't explain the reason then.They just assumed like the average person that some inside shit was going on in young money. Well today mediatakeout posted that the whole thing was because Drake slept with Waynes girl friend Shantell(the sister of D.Wood from Danity Kane)while he was in prison. Now I am not going to jump to any conclusions because I haven't heard any of this come from Wayne or Drakes mouth. Im just goin by mediatakeout.Apparently Wayne felt disrespected. It wasn't the situation it was the principle of the situation. From waynes point of view. I put you on(Drake) and you shit on me, show me no love while Im locked away, but you can fuck my girl. In all honesty if that really went down and if that is how Wayne feels I can't do anything but to respect it and agree with him 100%. You just dnt bite the hands that feed you. Or the hand that puts you on. Smh at you Drake. And to think you were an honest homeboy in my head (in my Wendy Williams voice lol).
Now my view on all of this. I personally don't know Wayne or Drake but I honestly can not see Drake fuckin Shantell. I personally dnt think she's hot!!! She has a hot ass body but not hot enough to fuck up a record deal. Hey thats just my opinion. So to me all this drama is straigh BS. I honestly can't see Drake doing that. Maybe him fuckin Nicki,Rihanna, Da video chick he was with, but not Shantell. Just don't see that!!!
Thanks to Mediatakeout for this info for me to reflect and share my personal opinion on like I do daily!! If you have any comments dnt be afraid to leave them!!!!!! If you want juicy gossip check out mediatakeout.com

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  1. I feel you on that! the whole thing is a hot ass mess! and if it did really happen, shantell should be ashamed of herself for even letting it happen! SMFH...