Monday, December 6, 2010

Is Kim K preggo by Kanye????

As we know Kim K has been reportedly seen w Kanye for the past few years off and on,but in all honesty who haven't we seen Kim Hoe-dashian with? Well according to mediatakeout Kim is supposedly pregnant by Kanye. She has also been accused of calling Kanye non stop and asking him what she should do about the situation says mediatakeout. They apparently heard this from a really reliable source. Someone close to Kim I assume.Now lets be forreal here for a second. I have seen pictures on mediatakeout via other blogs of Kim being out with the guy from her latest season of Keeping up with the Kardashians Miles Austin who plays for the Cowboys. She has also been spotted with the Dream, Halle Berry's baby's father Reggie Bush,and Ray J among others. Too many to name. So do I believe this? Ummmmmm no I think this baby could belong to anyone because in all honesty and Im just being real.This may be just a publicity stunt or even another pay check to Kim. Kim K is a big hoe but hey thats my opinion. Check out this blog and dnt be afraid to comment!!!!!

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