Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tank's Now or Never!!!!! Hot or not??????

I wrote a blog yesterday about Kandi,Ciara,TI,Jazmine Sullivan,and Diddy's new albums.Discussing if they were hot or not. I got a few responsese from people wondering what happened to Tank since he just recently Dropped his New album entitled Now or Never on Monday.I have to be honest I loved all of Tanks singles. He is a very talented man, but I have just never been a Tanker!!!Not saying anything bad about Tank I just never really took the time out to listen to him like that.Well on this new album I did.I have to admit Im ashamed that I have slept on him for so long.And if you have slept on him you should be ashamed as well. I really feel Tank is not promoted like he should. He is a very talented artist and I feel he needs more exposure. The album "Now or Never" has a sensual and sexual feel to it.Although there are a few love ballads on the album as well.The entire album just flowed to me which is very hard to find these days.The album had special features by Drake,Chris Brown, and J. Valentine.If I had to rate this album from 1 to 10 it would most definately be a 10. Wow I have never given anyone a 10!!Well Tank you deserved it. Great Album!!!!!!!

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