Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gucci Mane keeps it green by recycling money????

Gucci Mane was spotted in a decent local Atlanta strip club off Moreland which he raps about in a few songs called Blaze a few weeks ago. According to my inside source (a stripper who works at Blaze)Gucci Mane was looking really bad and broke down. She says that he has gotten really skinny and his face looks all sunken in. She went on to tell me the strange behavior Gucci had there. Apparently Gucci Mane was extremely wasted or on some serious drugs to be doing all of this strange shit in the club. According to my source Gucci was going up to the stage to make it rain on the strippers but then he would go back up there pick up the money he just threw and start throwing it again. This nigga was recycling the money!!!Smh how fucked up were u Gucci???? I honestly don't think he was making it rain with the same money continuously because he was broke. I honestly believe he was just that wasted. She also stated that he kept rushing in and out of the club like he had important meetings each time. Wow!!!!If this wasn't the funniest story I have ever heard. I was chocking and in tears when I heard this. Damn I can just see him going up there picking up the money just to throw it again. I heard those strip hoes was mad too. I don't blame them. Get it together Gucci, and what ever shit you was on that night LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!! Its sooo not a good look for you as an artist. Don't ruin your reputation and album sales!!!

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