Saturday, February 26, 2011

RiRi and CiCi have it out on twitter???

I must say that twitter is the facebook for the celebs. It seems as though everytime you turn around a celeb is beefing on twitter smh!!!!Apparently Rihanna became a little offended when Ciara guest starred on The Fashion Police show on E! They were giving a critique on Rihanna's Christion Dior couture Gown she wore. When asked by Joan Rivers what Ciara thought of the dress she completly went left field responding about a party that she ran into Rihanna in and Rihanna wasn't a pleasant person. In reply Joan Rivers was like O a B*%ch!!!In reply Ciara just laughed it off. Rihanna got wind of this and retaliated of all places on twitter. She twitted all kinds of things like Ciara is a striper, she thinks shes gangsta. Just alot of lame wack, childish things if you asked me.
This dress should have been finished with some purple or yellow shoes,but thats just me!!!

Now according to mediatakeout and a few other sites Ciara is said to be one of Labron Jame's jump offs. Now that does make sense since she is La La's bff and aren't Labron and Carmello cool? Anyway Jay Z and Labron threw a party that night that Ciara is referring to. Rihanna was there and a few other celebs as well. Ciara was trying to get into the VIP of the party with Rihanna, Savannah(Labron's Fiance)Jay Z ect. ect. and Rihanna and a few other people dissed Ciara at the entrance and basically didn't let her in the party. Now I would have to agree if some sneaky, freaky things are going down between Cici and Labron and Savannah was there. I could see why Rihanna did what she did at the party. But what I am not understanding is Why take it to twitter Rihanna??Why didn't you just pull Ciara to the side that night and let her know that you didn't think it was right for her to be there. Don't be her friend then diss her the way you did. As if you have never played the role of jump off in your day! That was really messed up. I honestly don't think Ciara said what she said on E! in a bad way. She was mainly stating that you were not a friendly person and she is not the only person in the world who has said this. She didn't call you the B*%ch Joan Rivers did so why just address Ciara. Another thing that really had me on this was you calling her a stripper. How is she a stripper? Because she can dance? So what were you doing on your "What's my name Dance routine? You know the one you seem to perform at every award show. The one when your gyrating on Drake as if you were a stripper giving a private lap dance. Or maybe when you were doing the little Beyonce vajay jay gyrate like a stripper. Lets not forget the random lingerie/ nude pic's of you hitting the web. So let's not throw stones while living in a glass house.

I would think that all that Rihanna has been through she would be a better person and not so petty. I mean Ciara really didn't say it in a bad way!!!I don't see a really nice person in Rihanna. Just something about her that I don't like. I never really cared for Ciara either but she is a much more humble person. She's also from the A and I stand up for the A sorry!!!!! I will post the clip of the Fashion Police Show so you can decide!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Royce losses everything due to tweeting???Haaaaa!!!!!!!

PhotobucketAs you all may or may not know Royce from the hit reality show "Basketball Wives"is the baby mother of Dwight Howard. Her and Dwight had a legal agreement. Royce is not able to mention Dwights name or say anything bad about him. She is not even allowed to mention or show off their son in public. Due to Royce's Fresh mouth during this season of "Basketball wives" and tweeting pictures of their son. Royce got all her assets frozen and her car got repo'd by Dwight due to their Legal argreement. Therefore Royce is left with nothing but her house. Smh things haven't been going to well for Royce lately. First the Drama with her messing around with Shaunie's man and being replaced on the up and coming season of "Basketball wives" I would think she would learn to sit her a** down. I guess not!!!!Maybe she will now!!!!

I must say I don't feel the least bit sad about this. I mean I never really liked Royce. She is so whiney and two faced. Lord knows I hate a whiney a** grown woman. I won't say I was hoping something bad would happen to Royce, but I did hope she would get a nice reality check one day. You know something to humble her up a little. Well this should do it. If not she should try someones CHURCH!!!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kanye's "All of the lights" video causes seizures and gets pulled??!!!!!!!!!

Kanye released his video "All of the lights" from his latest album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". It is said that from All of the lights the video is a hazard to people with photosensitive epilepsy. Which is a disease that causes seizures due to excessive light!!! A few people called complaining of the problem because a few people did have seizures due to this video. You tube did take the video down as well as a few other online sites. They have resently put it back up with a warining explaining the harm of the video to viewers. Of course I will post the video for you guys because this is my favorite song off of the album. I must admit the video is very bright and flashy and it may hurt your eyes or give you a headache. Beware!!!! If you have PHOTOSENSITIVE EPILEPSY PLEASE!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!DO NOT TUNE IN TO THIS VIDEO!!!!!THNKS!!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vivica,I Aint Sayin He's A Gold Digger, BUT...........

As we all know Vivica Foxx's man is about 20yrs younger than her and they have been dating for a minute at least a year. Slim which is his name was asked recently about their relationship and it is stated that he said "they have a personal and business relationship". He also stated that "He puts it down in her drawers and is taking it to the next level with a ring." Ummmm yea a ring that she bought herself because Im sure his Bum a** has no bread. That is obviously the only reason his young a** would dat a 46 yr old woman. Vivica hunny u need to leave this Bum on Planet Bum hun. He obviously doesn't respect you saying things like this. He showed how much he didn't respect you a while back when he was parading around Atlanta night clubs with different chicks. Yep I saw the Bum!!!! You can do so much better Viv. Get back with 50cent or something. Because this looser does you no justice. So be wise Vivica and let his a** go. If what he said about you and you guys relationship wasn't disrespectful enough. Then I don't know what is!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

All-Star 2011, Plus Rihanna's Half Time Performance: Hot or not????

Last night the All-Star game was held at the Staple Center in Los Angeles, Ca. The West standing at 148 pts, and the East 143 pts. Winning by only 5 pts the West proved that they were #1 in basket ball. I of course was routing for the East being as I am from Atlanta,but the West did their thing so big ups to them for that. There were a few celebrity faces in the crowd including Keri Hilson, who performed with Bruno Mars during the pre show,Ciara, Diddy, Lenny Kravis who alson performed, Justin Bieber who won the MVP award during the celebrity All-Star game,Jay Z, Beyonce, Jermaine Dupri, Nick Cannon and many more. I will be posting some pics of the event along with a comment.

Keri Hilson perfoming with Bruno Mars

Rihanna did the half time show featuring Drake and Kanye. I have to say I don't think RiRi can sing live. She sounded a mess to me the entire time. Like a mess on Kim ZoLiack's level. I am just so tired of seeing her perform the same song. I felt like I just saw this performance last week on the Grammy's. Her hair and costume weres also a mess. I was expecting so much more and got so disappointed. I mean can I ask you guys a question? What was that on her head guys? Really? Was it a lace fron't with a weave ponytail in the back? Was it a bad weave? I just want to know? All I know is she should never do that again. The only good my bad tolerable part of Rihanna's performance was when Kanye graced us with his presence. I love the song "All of the lights", and Rihanna song that song decently. I guess because she was actually staying still while she was singing. So the question is was Rihannas performance hot or not??Ummm it was a Hot a** mess!!!!NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite part was seeing Beyonce and Jay Z together last night at the game. With all of the drama said to be going on in their lives, I was glad to see that the rumors of the seperation may not be so true after all. We all should agree that they look happy. I don't know if you guys saw their faces on the screen after they were announced at the game. It was hilarious!!!! Those weren't the only couples that were my fav. I also enjoyed seeing Lala and Carmelo and Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union!! Pics of the lovely couples below!
Jayz and Beyonce
Lala and Carmelo
Dwayne and Gabrielle

Well that was the run down of the All-Star game. Looked like a weekend full of fun. It was a good game. If you have comments don't be afraid to leave them!!I love the feedback!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lil Kim's Black Friday Official video!!!!


Lil Kim finally released her video to the Nicki Minaj diss entitled "Black Friday". Now I have discussed the song before but it wasn't the whole song and the video is even more interesting. Add the two and you would have to agree how Hard this song and video is. Lil Kim went in on this one. I knew she would. She stayed quiet too long. I think we all forgot who Lil Kim was for a minute but with this song and video she gave us all a nice reality check.

In the video Lil Kim has a cameo of a Nicki Minaj look alike browsing all over Lil Kim old video's and pictures. I am assuming she is saying Nicki studied how she was and jacked her swagger. She also has a Lil Kim barbie and a Nicki barbie. The funny thing is the Nicki barbie's butt came off and the little girl playing with the doll started laughing. I don't know about you guys but I found it very hilarious. Kim also threw some pretty good shots out there to Nicki, Wayne, Diddy and Drake. Mostly all of young money!!!! When I say Kim went in Kim really went in and I loved it. Nicki is a great rapper but we must never forget who started the Nicki Minaj gimick and that was Kim. Kim is and will always be a beast on the Mic. So who will win in this beef???Who knows, but Lil Kim is a legend so lets not sleep on Kim!!!!
Check the official video!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The top 5 WTF's at the 2011 Grammys

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards premiered Sunday Night at 8pm. It was held at the Staple Center in Los Angeles. Now you know one of the favorite things to look forward too is what your fav celeb is wearing to the grammy's or how well the perform period. Well a few people wanted to hear what I had to say about the grammys. I am going to try to keep it as positive as I can, but real is real. If this was a homegirl I would probably tell her the same in this situation. Well here it goes my top 5 WTF'S at the Grammys!!!!
#5 Usher, Usher, Usher!!!!WTF is up with that hair? Who in the heck told you that mohawks were back in style because that was soooo 2007ish. Who whips that out for the grammys?And then it looked a little ummmmm what is the word not clean cut! Your beard/mustache or whatever just wasn't lined up enough to my liking. Leave the mohawk to Pooch Hall and Hosea Sanchez. Even they should let it go. Mohawks are played out plain and simple and if you are rocking one then #epicfail and smh at you!!!!

#4 The Arethata Franklin Tribute by Chistina Agulleria, Yolanda Adams, Jenifer Hudson, Florence Welch, and Martina McBride. This is a WTF to me because I really feel they sound a mess. They did not do Aretha any justice for a tribute. Christina, Jenifer, and Yolanda did a good job but I don't know why they put Martina and Florence there when Fantasia wanted to do the tribute, becase they just really demolished Aretha's hits!!!Btw doesn't Yolanda Adams sing gospel?So why was she even asked to sing Aretha's songs?Wouldn't that be against her religion?O well a hot mess is what is was and that is all I have to say on this!!!

#3 Nicki, Nicki, Nicki, Lord knows I love Nicki Minaj and I'm sure this crossed all of you guys mines but WTF is she wearing? And to the Grammys???I understand everyone is killing the HIGH FASHION GAME but I am begining to think they are going out of control and not even this is high fashion in Japan!!! She looks like someone's Cruella Devile who just attacked a family of lepords and decided to wear them as a fashion statement. Then she took hair inspirations from it as well as from Marg Simpson. I'm assuming she is the lepord safari barbie the simpsons edition lol!!!!

#2 Cee-lo has known to be a little extreme but this is too far even for him. Where is dressing like a colorful turkey is cool to wear during a performance at the Grammys?? I hated it and the perfomance. Kinda feeling the song though. This outfit is a WTF in itself. I need you guys to comment on this bc I have no more.

#1 Last but not least Lady Ga Ga of course. WTF is she wearing during this performance? Why does she have skin like horns comming out of her shoulders and her head? Is that what people normaly where to the Grammy's??This was beyond WTF to me. This is just plain disturbing. I pray for this woman!!!

That was my top 5 WTF's for the 2011 Grammys. As you can see alot has changed in the past few years. I don't even think they take the grammys as serious as it was. It's the grammys people, not a freak show!!! Lets be a little more classy and a little less clowny next year. Please and thank you!!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CiCi gets dropped!!!

As we all know Ciara hasn't been on top with her record sales for the past couple years. According to mediatakeout Jive Records has decided to drop Ciara from their label. Im sure Ciara won't be talking about this much. I mean would you???Maybe she should do a Nicki Minaj and focus on some mix tapes. Maybe that will make her hot again lol. I honestly don't know what made CiCi fall off the music charts.She should probably stick to modeling now!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kirko Bangz

I was on livemixtapes.com checkin out some new mixtapes.Now I love music and I will check anyone out. You don't have to be Jay Z famous for me to blast your music.So I stumbled across an artist named Kirko Bangz. I must admit this is the first time I have ever heard of him, but I must admit that I love him.

Kirko Bangz is a 21 yr old rapper from Houston Texas who has recently signed to Warner Bro records.He is a junior at Prairie A&M University in Prairie,Texas.He has had a few songs as well as mix tapes that start dropping in 09. He dropped his smash hit that blazin the radios in Texas "What yo name iz" and hopefully it will be hitting Atlanta real soon.
Kirko Bangz reminds me of a mix of Common, Drake, and Wiz Khalif. His flows go hard and he is very forceful with his lyrics which I love!!!!!I support him and will probably be his #1 fan. Check him out below with his hit song "What yo name iz"!!!!!

One of Atl's hottest female rappers turned stripper???

I have been hearing some rumors and then I stumbled upon mediatakeout and saw that what I have been hearing may in fact may be true.Rapper Shawnna who is with Ludacris's recorded Label DTP is said to now be stripping her life away at a popular Atlanta Strip Club "Magic City".I won't know how true this is until I hear some more details or go see for myself, but it could be true. If so I guess her rapping career isn't going that great. She does have a nice body but if ur cakes or anything else isnt to perfection you can not work at magic city.Good luck Shawnna on whatever you do!!!I just have one question how does a good rapper turn stripper?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Introducing:Dead End Hip Hop

I have been given a great opportunity to blog a new hip hop website every week entitled "Dead End Hip Hop".It is a webisode that discusses hip hop, and not just our generation of hip hop but every generation of hip hop.Dead End Hip Hop.com was Created by Kennith Inge, and the core guys consist of B,Ken,Roderic and Ralph aka Feefo. They will be giving us coverage of the Atlanta's hip hop scenes. As well as conversations with different artist and producers in the game of hip hop.

The first webisode entitled "Dead End Hip Hop Conversations with 9th Wonder" aired Feb 2, 2011. In this webisode they had an interview with 9th Wonder and discussed all time greatest producers. 9th Wonder is indeed one of the greatest producers to me. He has produced for so many people including Drake, Jayz, Nas,Destiny's Child and many more. In the interview 9th Wonder discussed His music, Up and coming projects and what keeps him in the game. I think that was the part that I loved. When asked what keeps him on top and in the game he said his love for music and not his love for fame. That is the realest answer I have ever heard and I loved it. He's absolutly right. What is the point of being famous if you don't love what you are doing? Later in the webisode Kinge, Fefo, and B discussed the best producers.The main big thing was who is the best producer who came out of VA, Timbaland or Pharell? Well my answer is Timbaland sorry guys lol!!!I just love Timbaland. He produces great music. Just something about him. I loved what he did with Justin Timberlake, Keri Hison,and Brandy recently. I am not sayin Pharell is not as great because he is. Just if I had to choose it would be Timbaland.

I didn't want to give away to much of the show but it is a great show and a great concept and I love it!!!Big up to all of you guys and Im sure you guys will be the next Tom or Mark Zukerburg of Hip Hip lol. All of you must check out deadendhiphop.com every tuesday at 4pm. If you missed the show on tuesday I will post it for you guys!!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Though Atl's Housewives weren't on the level of the Other Houswives?Think again!!

I have had alot of disagreements with alot of people about the Houswives of Atlanta. Some people think that they are no where near as wealthy as the othe houswives in California, New York, and DC. Yes their actions aren't as well put together as the other houswives, but you should never judge a book by the cover.

I feel the Housewives of Atlanta really aren't given the credit that they deserve. Yes they are a bit childish and a few may lack a bit of class, but you have to respect these women. They are out there getting money on their own. Now I can't really speak for the other houswives on the other shows because I honestly don't watch them. But from what I have seen I do believe that the housewives of Beverly Hills, Orange County and the others married into wealth. Some of these women did not go out there, start a hustle to get their own money. They are spending their husbands money.

Take for instance. Kandi was a very well known music artist, she earned her money by singing in her late girl group xscape back in the 90's. She has written hit records and Albums for people like Alicia Keys, Pink, Pattie Labelle, Destiny's Child and others. Nene Has her show on 11 alive news, her book, and is going to be on this years apprentice with Donald Trump, Sheree is an Actress, Cynthia is a Model, Kim is a goldigger but she did make a hit song which made her money and Phaedra is a well know entertainment lawyer here in Atlanta. As you can see these ladies don't need to marry rich men to be successful. They did this on their own, and I feel that these ladies deserve the upmost respect for doing this by themselves.

To prove that the Atlanta houswives are just as equal as the others or maybe even better. I got the net worth profit for each woman via media takeout and celebritynetworth.com.

Kandi Burruss - 35 million
Phaedra Parks - 12 million
Nene Leak - 3.5 million
Kim Zolziack - 1.5 million
Sheree Whitfield - 50K
Cynthia Baily - 50k

As you can see these housewives aren't doing too bad but I am shocked at Sheree's networth. The way she acts I would think she was on Kandi's Level.
To all of you who thought the Houswives of Atl wasn't equal to the other housewives in Networth all I have to say is EAT THOSE APPLES!!!!Now STFU!!!!LOL!!!