Friday, February 25, 2011

Royce losses everything due to tweeting???Haaaaa!!!!!!!

PhotobucketAs you all may or may not know Royce from the hit reality show "Basketball Wives"is the baby mother of Dwight Howard. Her and Dwight had a legal agreement. Royce is not able to mention Dwights name or say anything bad about him. She is not even allowed to mention or show off their son in public. Due to Royce's Fresh mouth during this season of "Basketball wives" and tweeting pictures of their son. Royce got all her assets frozen and her car got repo'd by Dwight due to their Legal argreement. Therefore Royce is left with nothing but her house. Smh things haven't been going to well for Royce lately. First the Drama with her messing around with Shaunie's man and being replaced on the up and coming season of "Basketball wives" I would think she would learn to sit her a** down. I guess not!!!!Maybe she will now!!!!

I must say I don't feel the least bit sad about this. I mean I never really liked Royce. She is so whiney and two faced. Lord knows I hate a whiney a** grown woman. I won't say I was hoping something bad would happen to Royce, but I did hope she would get a nice reality check one day. You know something to humble her up a little. Well this should do it. If not she should try someones CHURCH!!!!!!

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