Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vivica,I Aint Sayin He's A Gold Digger, BUT...........

As we all know Vivica Foxx's man is about 20yrs younger than her and they have been dating for a minute at least a year. Slim which is his name was asked recently about their relationship and it is stated that he said "they have a personal and business relationship". He also stated that "He puts it down in her drawers and is taking it to the next level with a ring." Ummmm yea a ring that she bought herself because Im sure his Bum a** has no bread. That is obviously the only reason his young a** would dat a 46 yr old woman. Vivica hunny u need to leave this Bum on Planet Bum hun. He obviously doesn't respect you saying things like this. He showed how much he didn't respect you a while back when he was parading around Atlanta night clubs with different chicks. Yep I saw the Bum!!!! You can do so much better Viv. Get back with 50cent or something. Because this looser does you no justice. So be wise Vivica and let his a** go. If what he said about you and you guys relationship wasn't disrespectful enough. Then I don't know what is!!!!

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