Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kanye's "All of the lights" video causes seizures and gets pulled??!!!!!!!!!

Kanye released his video "All of the lights" from his latest album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". It is said that from All of the lights the video is a hazard to people with photosensitive epilepsy. Which is a disease that causes seizures due to excessive light!!! A few people called complaining of the problem because a few people did have seizures due to this video. You tube did take the video down as well as a few other online sites. They have resently put it back up with a warining explaining the harm of the video to viewers. Of course I will post the video for you guys because this is my favorite song off of the album. I must admit the video is very bright and flashy and it may hurt your eyes or give you a headache. Beware!!!! If you have PHOTOSENSITIVE EPILEPSY PLEASE!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!DO NOT TUNE IN TO THIS VIDEO!!!!!THNKS!!!!!

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