Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Though Atl's Housewives weren't on the level of the Other Houswives?Think again!!

I have had alot of disagreements with alot of people about the Houswives of Atlanta. Some people think that they are no where near as wealthy as the othe houswives in California, New York, and DC. Yes their actions aren't as well put together as the other houswives, but you should never judge a book by the cover.

I feel the Housewives of Atlanta really aren't given the credit that they deserve. Yes they are a bit childish and a few may lack a bit of class, but you have to respect these women. They are out there getting money on their own. Now I can't really speak for the other houswives on the other shows because I honestly don't watch them. But from what I have seen I do believe that the housewives of Beverly Hills, Orange County and the others married into wealth. Some of these women did not go out there, start a hustle to get their own money. They are spending their husbands money.

Take for instance. Kandi was a very well known music artist, she earned her money by singing in her late girl group xscape back in the 90's. She has written hit records and Albums for people like Alicia Keys, Pink, Pattie Labelle, Destiny's Child and others. Nene Has her show on 11 alive news, her book, and is going to be on this years apprentice with Donald Trump, Sheree is an Actress, Cynthia is a Model, Kim is a goldigger but she did make a hit song which made her money and Phaedra is a well know entertainment lawyer here in Atlanta. As you can see these ladies don't need to marry rich men to be successful. They did this on their own, and I feel that these ladies deserve the upmost respect for doing this by themselves.

To prove that the Atlanta houswives are just as equal as the others or maybe even better. I got the net worth profit for each woman via media takeout and celebritynetworth.com.

Kandi Burruss - 35 million
Phaedra Parks - 12 million
Nene Leak - 3.5 million
Kim Zolziack - 1.5 million
Sheree Whitfield - 50K
Cynthia Baily - 50k

As you can see these housewives aren't doing too bad but I am shocked at Sheree's networth. The way she acts I would think she was on Kandi's Level.
To all of you who thought the Houswives of Atl wasn't equal to the other housewives in Networth all I have to say is EAT THOSE APPLES!!!!Now STFU!!!!LOL!!!

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