Friday, January 7, 2011

Update:Lil Wayne and Young Money tweets abt the lightskin is beautiful blogs!!!

Yesterday I had wrote a blog on Lil Wayne and Young Money being very rude due to the color of these two darkskinned models. The models said that Lil Wayne and Young Money keep having rude color remarks how black isn't beautiful unless the female is light skinned. Well I guess Lil Wayne and Young Money caught wind of the blogs. They posted a few tweets about it letting us bloggers know that they caught wind. MackMaine tweeted: that he had read the funniest blog today and he wants everyone to know that me and the fam I assume Young Money is color blind. If they say a female is beautiful she's beautiful. Lil Wayne tweeted: Rumors or as dumb as the people who believe them and we know he didn't say that shit!!!
Well hmmmm Lil Wayne first off It is Rumors ARE as dumb not or first of all and secondly I dnt know if you said that shit or not. You say alot of shit that I don't think you would say. So how do I know that this is not one of those times????I hope you didn't say that shit about your daughter!!!!But the other ignorance you were talking was on you. How you gone say we know you didn't say that when you did rap it? You have rapped that shit twice from what I have heard with my own ears. First was the shit you probably said to those girls which was "Beautiful Black Woman, I bet that bitch look better red." Or how about your world famous line "I like a longed hair thick red bone"????Not to mention that you do have an Asian baby mom, the rest of your baby moms are red umm ex Nivea, Lauren London.So yes Lil Wayne I do believe you said that sh*t! Sorry love me or hate me. Im just stating facts and not bullsh*t!!!!! So if you consider me dumb for believing what the women are sayin the Im one dumb bitch then and I will be that!!!!!

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