Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bad Girls Club:Season 6 brings it back to LA!!!!!!

Last night kicked off the first episode of the new Season of Bad Girls Club in LA. The previous Season was in Miami. Not sure why it went back to LA.The show has 7 new girls from all over America!!!!The new Bad Girls are:Jessica(Chicago), Kori(Arizona), Jade(Wisconsin), Sydney(Texas), Lauren(Kentucky),Nikki(Jersy), and Char(Chicago). I have to admit I like all of these girls except 1. Nikki from Jersey. I don't like Nikki because she is a prankster and is too old to be doing pranks. Nikki is the kind of female that will watch her friends get they ass whipped and not do a thing. She think she is sooo hard because she is a female football player. Yes she looks like one as well. But I bet she is the type that can't back her shit up. Nikki instigated alot of Drama last night when Jade came in from the club drunk. Jade had to pee but they just got into the house so everyone else was on some meet and greet and Jade was looking for the bathroom drunk!!!!Nicki did try to greet her and Jade did push Nikki out of the way because she had to pee. Yes Jade that was rude and f'ed up but like I said Jade was drunk. Nikki just went ham after that and start harrassing Jade and pretty much everyone in the house. To me that is lame. Ok Jade was wrong to do what she did yes, but all of you are adults so brush that off and get over it. Nikki had no right to drag the whole thing out when everyone else had squashed it and let it go!!!!Since Nikki couldn't let things go. Things escalated in the house and Jade got fed up already on the first episode and left the show. I feel Jade shoulda stayed bc I be damned if I am labled to the world as a bad girl and let someone run me out the house. They knew exactly what was going to go down before they got there.So they should know how to address whatever comes their way!!!!Well it looks like there will be drama for the new roomate as well so stay tuned and check it out!!!!I really would like to see a female from ATL on the next seasons!!!You never know that female just might be me!!!!
Clip of Nikki and Jade getting into it

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