Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Game Season 4!!!!The Wait is over, The Wait over!!!!!!

The season permier the world has been waiting for kicked off last night to a great start and yep you guest it "The Game". The game was brought back by BET which I have to admit I thought would totally ruin the show.Now I must apologize and give BET it's props because the first episode was Amazing!!!!The show had a few cameo's from:Terrence J from 106 and park who played Tasha Macks boy toy, Sheree from Atl housewives who played one of Terrence's Old flings,and Megan Goode who played the wife of Malik's boss who Malik is having an affair with.

The first episode of the game started off with Melanie giving Derwin's son Dj a Dna test behind Derwin and Janay's back!!!!The test turned out that Derwin was not the father. Later on in the episode Melanie got a call from the lab and found out that she got the wrong test results. Now Derwin thinks his son is not his and he really is. Malik has gone on some power trip in this season. His head has gotten even bigger and he even steps on his bff Tee Tee by messing with his girlfriend. Nevertheless Malik is screwin his boss's wife. Thats sooo wrong within itself. I hope Malik gets it together through the remainder of the season, because I am not feeling him right now!!!!Tasha Mack is still Tasha!!!She has a little boy toy now (Terrance from 106 and park)who may have an old woman fetish that just doesn't sit right with Tasha. While Jason Pitts remain cool as a fan, and Kelly is full of anger. Not sure if it's because of the divorce or for Tasha crossing her last season, but Ima need Kelly to calm it down as well!!!!

Now the big question of the world is "Was Melanie wrong for giving Dj the Dna Test???? Hmmmmm I say yes and no!!!!!Come on Ladies!!!Dnt be better than thou now. Put yourself in her shoes. You graduate highschool, Still in love and with your highschool bf, he gets drafted into the NFL, You have a scholorship to the best medical university in the world and you turn it down for this man. A man who sleeps with your idol. Gets a new gf(Janay)just to come and beg you back, then you take him back just to find out someone he wasn't with as long as you is pregnant. Now ladies you know you would feel some kinda way about this situation if you chose to stay with this man and marry him!!!You would wonder if that was his kid. You would probably accuse the girl of lying or it not being his child because the girl messed with alot of athletes in the past. Now your married and you wanna know. Yes Im sure you would give that child a DNA test and if you dn't you damn sure have thought about it. And those of you who are saying you would never are full of BS and I promise you that!!!I know I probably would have done the same thing! The only difference with me is I would have made sure the test was ran more than 1 time before I go spreading the results!!I do not feel what Melanie did was totally wrong because I am a female and I know how all females are and I know you would have done the same thing. Sorry Ladies Im just being real!!!!

So will Tasha and her boy toy stay together? Will Melanie tell Derwin the truth about his son? Is Malik and Tee Tee's friendship over? Well I guess we will find all of that out by staying tuned to watching the game on BET Tuesday Nights at 10pm!!!
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