Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is Rocko's song "How could you be mad" a subliminal message regarding Monica????


I was listening to Rocko's latest mixtape entitled "Rocko Denero"which is very excellent by the way, and I stumbled upon a song call "How could you be mad"? Now I have heard people mention this song so I was all for it when it played on Ria's pod lol. The people that had told me about this song told me to listen to the lyrics carefully and asked if I thought he was referring to Monica in the first verse. Hmmmmm!!!!Well I listen to the lyrics repeatedly and then I begin to think.

Now those of you who don't know maybe about a year and a half ago after the season of Monica's reality show "Still Standing" Rocko and Monica broke up because of a jump off that was calling and harrassing Monica over Rocko. Doing what groupie hoes do and spilt the beans on her and Rocko's relationship. After that incident they called it quits. I have to admit I wasn't too shocked about this I mean come on I just didn't see a great connection between them. Besides he's a rapper and he's a man. I don't put it past any rapper to cheat point blank period. But I was kinda mad at him for the whole situation I love Monica she seems like a sweet girl. That was until I heard what I think is Rocko's side in the song. I am going to post the song but let me give you main idea of whats going on here.

In the song Rocko says that when they met he had a girl but she didn't care she wanted him anyway. So when she got him she was acting brand new about his lifestyle when she already knew how he was. I honestly have to be the woman that agrees if this is true. Ladies if you know how a man is you can't change them and you can't act suprised when he does things to you that he has done to someone else for you. So if she really knew how he was then what do you expect? I am not saying that what went down is acceptable though. I would be hurt and feel betrayed if a woman was calling and harrassing me about the father of my kids. Another thing is karma is really a bitch!Know that people. I believe Rocko on this one part of the song,when he said she took him from another girl when they met. Because according to mediatakeout a while back. She supposedly took her husband Shannon Brown from the Mother of his child. If thats the case I have one thing to say to Monica. Homewrecking is not cool and you know how if feels now to be left so why do it to someone else?

With all of that being said I believe both parties are responsible for the relationship going sour. I just felt I should write this blog because the song gave me another out look on Rocko. All I see in him is Real and I can't say that about too many people. I honestly love both Monica and Rocko and Im happy that Monica is happy. I wish them both the best and much success.
Check out the song below!!!

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