Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love and Hip Hop: Olivia vs. Somaya Reece


Im sure you guys have been keeping up with what has been going on, on the hit show "Love and Hip Hop" Therefore I know you guys know about the beef between Somaya Reece and Olivia. Now Somaya blames Olivia for giving Chrissy the address to the resturant they were at when Jim Jonez came in to handle Somaya's manager for being disrespectful to Chrissy. Now from what I saw on the show I don't think Olivia knew that Chrissy wasn't comming to meet her and it was Jim honestly. So in that case, No Somaya, Olivia did not put your life in danger. Your idiot manager did for running his mouth. She also claimed that Olivia ran when she confronted her, but if your an adult and not a cast memeber of THE BAD GIRLS CLUB. Then who in their right mind will stand there and listen to someone talk sh*t to them in a public place really? I don't think Olivia was scared she was just being grown about the situation and protecting her image.

Throughout the remaing episodes of the show Olivia has really kept to herself and has only dealt with Chrissy. So Somaya takes it upon herself to do a web interview talking mad rubbish about Olivia. Stating that doing the interview bashing Olivia would make Olivia relevant again. Wow!!!!
In my opinion Somaya needs all the help she can get to get relevant. So of course can we all say PUBLICITY STUNT!!!!And even that didn't help her career. It's mighty funny that Jim Jonez didn't want to do your song but called Olivia in to get on a track on his new albumn. So Somaya sweetie YOUR NOT HOT. The only thing hot on you is your face and maybe your body but even I have seen hotter bodies!! You can't rap you talk. The only good part in your song is the auto tuned singing and XO thats it. You have no talent! I don't even think you have the skills to even make it into being a 1 hit wonder boo!!! My advice to Somaya Reece is to STOP IT!!!! STOP IT NOW!!!!!At least Olivia can sing. She has a talent that will make her. So all you need to do is focus on getting better rapping skills or something because its a mess honestly. Stick to modeling baby girl and save the hip hop industry for people who have the talent to do it!!!!

I have Somaya's video and Olivia's Video! Who do you think will really make it? Be honest!!!!

Olivia December

Somaya Reece Would you still love me

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