Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Braxtons: Does Tamar deserve a record deal?

Lastnight the premiere of the Braxton Family Values came on WE TV. On the show Toni and her sisters go to Bermuda for a performance to help promote and raise money for autism since Toni's oldest son is artistic. After watching this I assumed the rumors of Bermuda bringing bad karma is true because as soon as Toni and her sisters arrived there the ish hit the fan. Her sister Tamar had a big problem singing backup for Toni and her other sister Traci is mad because Toni didn't ask her to sing backup for her. Now this is going to start major drama in the show and the two sisters have it out about this.

Now I'm goin to be honest by saying Tamar is a major hater.com lol. All she does is complain about singing background and how much money she has only because of her husband of course. See Tamar married Toni's manager who also has a record label. If Tamar could really make it in the music world she would be there by now. But I honestly don't think this woman will ever make it. She can sing here butt off I give her that, but her attitude will always be a major issue. Even her own husband told her she doesn't listen, and you must listen if you want to make it in the biz. Tamar's husband admitted to giving her a contract for his label but Tamar won't sign it because she wants the contract to state that she would be out in a year. To me that sounds a little reasonable, but her husband made a good point. You shouldn't put yourself out in a year because that's honestly not a good way to make a hit albums. As we saw from Monica, Fantasia, and Kandi from there shows. They sat there until all of their songs were his. So to get the best music, the best songs and the best producers you have to work longer than a year.

So if you really wanna make it Tamar then listen to your husband. You brag about who he is and all the artist he works with then obviously he knows what he's doing. You can not get anywhere hating on your sister like that. Its too much ,that is your sister. Get it together hunny because im really not feeling you on the show. Just because your sister is Toni Braxton, and your husband is soo big In the music industry (which is why you probably married him anyway) does not me they or anyone else owes you s%*t. Go out there and work hard for it like everybody else. That is all.
I normally would have a clip up but I couldn't find one. So you guys gotta watch for yourself. It is a great show all in all!

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