Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lisa Raye Channels inner character Diamond by Dragging Stay Dash by her hair?


According to Mediatakeout and a few sites the ISH hit the fan between beautiful actress Lisa Raye and Stacy Dash who are both 45 yrs old. An insider snitched and gave a bit of the story so this is what allegedly went down. Lisa Raye and Stacy Dash are doing what I assume a reality show called "Single Ladies". Which will premier on VH1 and is produced by Queen Latifa! Apparently they were shooting a scene at a dinner party where everyone was dressed for the occassion in cocktail attire!! Stacy Dash was making disrespctful comments regarding Lisa Raye and I guess thats when Lisa Raye channeled her inner Diamond and went HAM on Stacy Dash. The insiders say that Lisa Raye snatched Stacy Dash by the hair and drug her good!!! Stacey of course frightened ran out screaming in her excellent Louboutin's said an inside snitch.

I honestly love both women and I think they are great actresses. I honestly think this could have been handled with a nice chump off, but it is a reality show and they need those ratings. And it also depends on what was said. If Stacy said something too far then Lisa Raye should have drug her ass lol. I can't say Im on anyones side here. But I am a big Lisa Raye fan. I do have one thing to say to Stacy though. Stacy, Stacy, Stacy, If your going to talk sh*t make sure you know how to back it up. Especially with people who aren't as hmmmm bougie as you are. Lisa Raye has had hard times and she is from Chicago. She's not goin to let you get away with saying anything. I bet now you will think twice before running that mouth.
I so can't wait to see the show to see what really went down. I wonder what Queen Latifa was thinking. Yall know she don't like drama!!!!

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