Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who Was Really Wrong Here? Robin Roberts or Chris Brown???


Ok so I wasn't going to speak on this, but since people still haven't let this incident go I figured hey, why not speak on it? I'm sure you all are aware of the whole GMA interview Chris Brown went HAM on. If you don't then you must live under a rock but I will fill you in anyway. On March 22, 2011 Chris Brown did an interview with GMA(Good Morning America). He was there to promote his new album "FAME", but instead he was repeatedly asked about the Rihanna incident. Even after he avoided the question and brought it back to promoting his album "Robin Roberts" continued to bagger him with the question. After that he was so full of rage that he went back stage and went HAM. Now in ATL going HAM means he went crazy. He smashed windows, ripped off his shirt, and busted out of there shirtless where the cops later arrested him for this scene.

Now whenever you do an interview with someone the person you are interviewing approves the questions that would be asked. Well according to Chris he never approved any of those Rihanna questions. Which he stated on BET's 106 & Park along with an apology. Ok now guys lets be real with ourselves. I know most of you guys are holding a grudge on Chris because of the Rihanna thing. Which is very understandable, but I think we fail to realize that it was two people who ended up with some sort of assult that night. Rihanna has stated that she too had some part into what happened so why must we all blame Chris for this? This was damn near 3 yrs ago. Is he beating Rihanna now? Is he beating his new gf? Has he gotten arrested in the past 2 years for assult on anyone? Has he gotten arrested for anything other than his temper? Any drug charges? Rape charges?Anything that these other celebrities has done plenty of times to get this much hate? Don't get me wrong Im not codoning or saying what he did was not a big deal because beating a woman is a very big deal. My main point is let this go people. Let this man get back on his feet. Why drag him down when he gets back up? I honestly don't believe Chris approved any questions reguarding Rihanna. Why the hell would he do that knowing he was going to get pissed. I do blame Robin Roberts for the whole thing because if she could've just kept it to the album like he asked her two times then none of this would have ever happened. She provoked him and who ever don't like it I don't care because I see through this BS!!!! I wouldn't be suprised if someone paid her to do this to ruin him.

That's pretty much all I have to say about this and hopefully the subject will be done by next week. I pray for Chris Brown and I feel maybe he needs to get a life coach or therapist of some sort to help him guide all this anger. Him going HAM was unneccessary but I can't say I don't feel why he got mad. He worked hard on an album and tried to promote it and all you wanna talk about is something that happened 30 yrs ago smh!!!! Btw I didn't like that whole thing that went down with Willow Smith regarding this. Come on teambrezzy she is a child, who curses at 9 yr olds? As for Willow I'ma tell you something my mom always told me "Stay in a childs place" I'm sure fans aren't looking at Chris as a grown man because we still associate him with being the 16 yr old we all know, but he's not. He's a grown man and your 9. Im sure you can't even phathom what went on with him or Rhianna.What were you like 5? Anyway Im posting the link of the interview so check it out!!!!Do you agree? Was Robin Roberts baggering Chris???

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