Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kim K's New single"Jam"(Turn it up)The song that makes you wanna turn it down!!!

Kim Kardashian does it again. Wha,t you may ask? Well she's doing her attention whore thing that she does. Has this girl ever heard that too much attention is not a good look? Eventually people are not going to want to see you everywhere, and I'm sure just as much as I'm tired of it alot of people are. Kim released her single "Jam" Produced by the dream at her New Years Eve Party at this club called "Tao". I must say that this song is a mess. This song is a mess to the point that it pisses me off. This girl can not sing even with auto-tune. The Dream is a fool for even wasting his time entertaining her because she sounds a mess. Nice beat but a mess of a voice.I mean I thought she was Cassie for a minute. I read a comment someone wrote about the song and they said Kim Zolziack is no longer the worst singer Kim Kardashian is. I agree. I mean this girl needs to go find Kandi to boost her up to even at least Kim Zolziack standards. Although you may think that is not much. As soon as you here this girl embarrass herself by singing you would give Kim Zolziack a Grammy. How do people like this just up and play with music like that. The industry has their idea of music f**ked up. They need to get on it before more than hip hop becomes dead. I understand new genres and different styles,but thats for people with some talent. When you give people like Kim K and Kim Z record deals knowing they can't sing is a big slap in the face to all the people who are great vocalist but can't make it because the industry is full of this baphoonery!!!!!!!!! Lets stop slapping the people who paved the road for Hip hop, R&B, Jazz, Rap, and Blues by playing around with music they created. Get it together People and start showing us some real entertainment.

Words for Kim K just stick to doing your little shoe line, shows, red carpets, baseball, basketball,football,rappers, and actors. That seems to be getting you enough attention hun. Lets not make a mockery out of music! So unattractive!!!!To my fans and loyal readers you may here the song below

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