Monday, March 7, 2011

Basketball Wives Season Finale Smack Down: Evelyn vs Tami, who's side are you on?

Lastnight the season finale of Basketball Wives premiered on VH1. The show mainly focused on Evelyn and Ocho Cinco's Little sexcapade weekend and the highlight of the show was when Evelyn and Tami got into a fight at Jennifer's birthday party. Evelyn felt bad after a long speach Tami gave her expressing how she valued their friendship and how she looked up to Evelyn. When Tami went to the bathroom Evelyn told Shaunie that in the 90's before she ever met Tami she dated her husband and she felt quilty and couldnt take it anymore. Shaunie told her she needed to talk to Tami. When she did her and Tami got into a heated arguement that lead to a fight when Evelyn told Tami that she didn't matter in that marriage.

In my opinion if Evelyn didn't know Tami while she was with her husband and it was so long ago then why does it matter. I also understand where Tami was comming from. If Evelyn knew what she did and felt she needed to come clean then she should have done that when she first met Tami. That is kinda fake of her to know she slept with Tami's husband this whole time and went out to dinner, town, and parting with this lady knowing what you did. So yes Evelyn you are foul for that one, and even more foul to not care enough that you hurt this womans feelings by not telling her the deal up front, then you taunt her by telling her she was a non factor in that marriage. That is so disrespectful Ev. And that makes me think you have no shame or even care about what you did. Yes Tami should've beat your a** the way she did. She had every right too. I feel both sides of the story, but it's kinda hard to side with Evelyn bc what she did was f'ed up. Ladies you better watch thes hoes/jumpoffs out here. They don't care about no one but themselves!!!!!Who's side are you guys on? Who was totally wrong in this situation? I have a clip of the nonesense right here. Check it out!!!!!!!!

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