Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is Rihanna's new video"Man Down" sending young females a bad message?


Rihanna released her new video from her new single entitled "Man Down" on 106&Park Tuesday. The video hit the airwaves of course and started quite a bit of contraversy with the Parental Control Council. They feel that Rihanna who was recently battered by ex boyfried Chris Brown was sending the wrong message to young girls. In the video Rihanna guns down a man who seem to assult her in front of a huge crowd. The Parental Control Council feels that this message is telling young girls (who have been raped, or assulted in any way)that they have the right to gun down the person who harmed them.

Now I don't totally disagree with them, but what I don't get is how is it ok for rappers,actors,directors,and producers to rap or produce such scenes? Kids see this kind of stuff on the news and in movies. So if they want to ban something they should start with some of the stuff they put on tv. Rihanna is not the only person who has ever talked about gunning someone down or being violent in a song/video. Was it ok for Jazmine Sullivan to bust windows?Is it ok for Tyler Perry to say some of the things in his movies because he's Madea? She pulled out fire arms, drove cars into resturants,beat children,and smoked weed. Madea has done it all but parents aren't concerned when their kids are watching that. To ban this video would be foolish. Maybe if they censor out the gun, but as far as her sending a bad message to young girls today. She is not the only one!!!
Check for video below!!!!

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