Monday, November 22, 2010

Ria's Musical Palet #1 (Rihanna, Gucci Mane, Kanye West and Waka Flocka)

This is my first music blog whatsoever. I always like to discuss how I feel abt albums. Especially when it comes to people wasting money in this horrible recession. So I have pin pointed a few artist to discuss their albums. All of them have recents albums. Some dropped this week and some dropped a few wks to last month ago. This is what I think abt the albums. So here we go!!!!!!

Rihanna who has dropped her 5th albumn which is called Loud hit the stores and net on Nov 16, 2010. I personally think the album is ok. I feel that she kinda went a different way with this albumn than the last "Rated  R"and she didnt stay true to her fan base on this one. This whole albumn is upbeat tempos like some techno ish!!!!!!And I jus dnt think we are all use to it yet. If I had to give this album a rate from 1-10 I would honestly probably give it a 6.5.

Kanye West also dropped an album on the 16th of Nov entitled My twisted Dark Fantasy and that is exactly what it sounds like. Something dark and Twisted. I will admit I do like a few of the songs on the albumn but I do feel it to be a bit dark, sad, scary, demonic  a bit and just a totally different Kanye. If I had to rate this album I would give it 8 jus because its Kanye I will give him a few extra points!!!

Gucci Mane who is Atlanta's own and da coolest person I have ever parlayed with came out with his album entitled The Appeal: The State vs Roderick Davis. And I must say this is the best album I have heard come frm Gucci I like guccis albums all of them, but for some reason this one caught my attention and I cant keep it out of my cd player in my car or off my ipod. This album is full of Gucci flavor and I really do feel he is sorry for all his mistakes on this one. If I had to rate this I would give Gucci a 9!!!!

Last but not least Waka Flocka hmmmmm Waka has jus put out his first album entitled Flockaveli. All I to say is not a good look for the first album. I hated it!!!I couldnt even get into it. I slapped it out of the cd player as soon as I heard it. Wacka u have alot to do buddy. Let's start by putting well known artist on your album so people can relate and actually know who that person is. Dnt make your first album w a bunch of nobodies!!!If I had to rate this Im sry Waka I love u. I rep ATL w u all day but ur album is a 4 to me because you have 4 good songs lol!!!!Lets step it up!!!!

Now you guys can see Ria's Muscial Palet and if you agree dnt be afraid to leave comments!!!!
                                                                                                                             Love ya!!!!!
                                                                                                                            Ria Shi'

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