Sunday, November 28, 2010

Battle of the Barbies!!! Lil Kims disses Nicki Minaj after Nicki's Romans Revenge!!!!!

Lil Kim comes back with hard blows at Nicki!!!I guess she caught a peek of Nicki's songs which I feel she continued to talk about little Kim. Especially in the song Roman's Revenge which is on Nicki's Album Pink Friday!!In the song Black Friday Lil Kim addresses Nicki by reminding her that she was the first Barbie and she started the trend that Nicki swagger jacked from her!!!She also throws some hard blows by saying "Your last name got you were you are today, and There is not enough ass shots in the world to shit on me"Wow Kim that was harsh!!!! I generally feel that the dissing is ridiculous. I feel Kim should let Nicki shine and do whatever because her time has kinda ended. She's too old to even be entertaining this madness!Although I do feel her. I wouldnt disrespect the legend of rap!She did kinda start the barbie trend. Leave a comment and tell me what you think!!!!!

Nicki's Roman Revenge

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